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Is Nvidia stock a good buy?



MOS: Nvidia’s financials could be better. The 50/100 is okay, but the MOS of 0% doesn’t show a lot of upside potential at the moment. When you take a closer look at the Net Income and EPS, they both look great year over year, but the last few quarters have declined.

Meaning: Semiconductors are located in more products than we think. With Nvidia, their chips are going into video game systems, computers, data centers, cars, and more.

Moat: There are a few big players in the chip industry, including AMD, Intel, and Micron, but due to the need for chips, most of these companies can thrive. They also have an extensive customer list, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and AWS, and as long as they continue to provide innovative products, they will continue to maintain large enterprise contracts.

Management: Jensen Huang previously served as a director at LSI Logic and a microprocessor designer at AMD prior to founding Nvidia in 1993. The Glassdoor rating is 4.6, and the CEO approval is 98%. Both are incredible scores and show the Huang has built a lot of respect within the company.

Is Nvidia stock a good buy?

Of the 4Ms, the only M that doesn’t look good is the MOS. However, the stock has bounced between On Sale and Watch over the last five years which tells us it can definitely go On Sale again. As for the other 3Ms, they look fantastic! It’s important to point out that Nvidia has some big customers, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and AWS. Once you have large enterprise customers, it’s wise to continue to provide value and innovate, which Nvidia has proven to do very well over the last 30 years. There are competitors in this industry that dream of obtaining large customers, like Nvidia.

I currently hold AMD in my portfolio, which is another strong semiconductor company. Of the competitors to AMD, I have to say Nvidia is my favorite because of the customer list.

As of December 2022, this stock is down over 50% from its all-time high. This is definitely a stockpiling opportunity if you own this stock because when the market rallies, Nvidia will most likely generate some big returns for investors.

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How does Nvidia make money?

Nvidia makes money through the following business segments:

  • Video games – 45%
  • Data centers – 41%
  • Professional visualization – 8%
  • Automotive – 2%
  • OEM and other – 3%

Some of their top customers include:

  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • HP
  • AWS
  • Panasonic
  • Adobe
  • Asus
  • Unity
  • Weta Digital
  • Autodesk
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